CAT Strategic Metals Corp – CSE: CAT, FRA: 8CH, OTC: CATTF

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE: CAT, FRA: 8CH, OTC: CATTF) is a mineral exploration company that is focused on the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties with overlooked projects situated in North America. CAT Strategic Metals Corporation has already acquired four significant properties that have a lot of potential for minerals and that have been historically productive.

South Preston Uranium Project

Location of the South Preston Project

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation district-scale South Preston Uranium Property is located in the southwest area of Canada and it is very big, spanning 29,395 hectares. The prolific Athabasca Basin is known as a place where you can find high-grade uranium. This area supplies ~20% of the world’s uranium.

CAT Strategic Metals Corp South Preston Project - Map
CAT Strategic Metals Corp South Preston Project – Map. Source: Company
CAT Strategic Metals Corp - Preston Project Location
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation – Preston Project Location. Source: Company

Potential for Opportunity

There have been recent discoveries of uranium deposits near the CAT Strategic Metals Corporation South Preston project. These include the Arrow high-grade uranium deposit by NexGen Energy Ltd., and the Triple R uranium deposit by Fission Uranium Corp. The CAT Strategic Metals Corp South Preston project has more than 10km of adjacent property border with NexGen Energy Ltd., more than 18.5 km of continuous project boundary with Orano, and 50 km of contiguous claim border with Azincourt Energy Corp.

Extension of Uranium Corridor

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation South Preston property could potentially extend a uranium exploration corridor. This would connect the NexGen Energy Ltd.’s Rook-1 Project, the Azincourt Energy Corporation’s East Preston Uranium Project, and CAT’s South Preston Uranium Property.

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation - South Preston Project Corridor Location
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation – South Preston Project Corridor Location. Source: Company

Continued Exploration Drilling

The company plans to do some exploration work that will help it start drilling at its South Preston Uranium Property. The company will make more announcements about the project when it finalizes a deal to conduct the exploration work.

Burntland Project – Copper

Location of the Burntland Copper Project

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Burtland Copper property is located forty minutes from Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick, and an hour from Bathurst. It is accessible by road year round, twenty-six kilometers off of Highway 17 near Kedgwick.

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Burtland Copper Project Location
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Burtland Copper Project Location. Source: Company

Previous Work

The Keevil Mining Group worked on the entire claims area from 1968 to 1978. They did this by doing geophysical surveys, including magnetometer, VLF, S.P., Resistivity, Induced Polarization surveys. They also did geochemical surveys (soil, quaternary sediments, stream sediments) and mapping surveys.

This work resulted in the discovery of three areas where copper is found near rocks that have been changed by heat. The areas are called Burntland Lake, Endrocky, and Rockmack. On the Burntland Lake group of claims, four copper occurrences were found by trenching and drilling. Eighteen holes were drilled for a total length of 2,058.31 m (BL-01-18).

Keevil Mining Group drilled 18 holes that were 2,058.31 meters long. The holes were to investigate RADEM and I.P. anomalies or to test the possible down-dip and lateral extensions of mineralization found in trenches. All of the holes were shallow, except for one. In 1989, Noranda Exploration staked 58 claims covering the Burntland Lake area, south of the Legacy Copper-Silver deposit because it was close to gold anomalies and indicator element anomalies near significant base metal occurrences, and because gold had been intersected in drilling at the Legacy Copper-Silver deposit along strike (6.13 g/t Au over 0.52 m).

Keevil Mining Group found a zone with copper in the soil while digging a trench. The 1991 drill holes were placed near an area where they found copper in the soil. Twenty-two drill holes were placed near an area with a copper anomaly. Keevil Mining Group found low grade chalcopyrite and magnetite in a skarn unit. The best interval was 5.44 meters grading 1.56% copper.

Noranda Exploration did some soil sampling and prospecting in 1991 in the Burntland Lake area. They were looking for gold that was in a late stage. They found that the gold was associated with a skarn-porphyry system. When they resampled some old trenches, they found precious-metal assays (measures of how much gold and silver is in something) of up to 1 g/t Au (gold per tonne) and 87 g/t Ag (silver per tonne). They also found that three samples had between 6% and 8% Cu (copper).

Rimrock Project – Gold and Silver

Location of the Rimrock Gold and Silver Project

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock gold property is located in a gold district in the Nevada, USA area. It is one of the largest gold producing districts in the world. The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock project area has low political risk and a strong push for junior mineral exploration companies. This is because major gold producers are looking to acquire land and projects along mineralized trends. The Nevada, USA area was ranked 1st out of 83 jurisdictions in Fraser Institute’s 2018 Worldwide Survey of Mining Companies for Investment Attractiveness which is a significant advantage for CAT Strategic Metals Corporation.

CAT Strategic Metals Corp - Rimrock Project Location
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project Location. Source: Company

Elko Mining District

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project is located in the Elko Mining District of Nevada near the cities of Carlin and Elko. The district has two major gold trends: the Carlin Trend, which is a world-class area known for its Sediment hosted gold systems, with multiple mines having indicated resources of more than 20 million ounces of gold, and the Midas Trend, which is a high-grade Epithermal gold with low sulfidation.

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project. Source: Company

Multiple Project Targets

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project is a gold and silver system with multiple targets. The project has the potential for both shallow epithermal systems and deeper Carlin-type deposits.

Epithermal systems are high-grade gold deposits that are found near the surface. They are bounded by faults, and the gold is carried to the surface by mercury.

Carlin deposits are formed next to mudstone formations. These formations allow for hydrothermal circulation, which creates the deposits.

Proximity to Former Mines

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock property is close to two previous mines. The Hollister Mine produced 2 million ounces of high grade gold and the Midas Mine produced 3 million ounces of high grade gold and 25 million ounces of silver.

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project Proximity to other mines
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Rimrock Project Proximity to other mines. Source: Company

Gold Jackpot Project

Location of the Gold Jackpot Project

The CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Gold Jackpot is in a rich area with many outcrops that have high levels of silver, gold, and tellurium. It is located in the Elko District in northeastern Nevada. This project covers 535 hectares and has had a lot of exploration done in it from the 1980s to early 2000s when commodity prices were lower.

Potential Opportunity

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation believes that Gold Jackpot has a potential for finding copper, gold, and other minerals like Carlin-Style deposits.

CAT Strategic Metals Corp - Gold Jackpot Project Location
CAT Strategic Metals Corporation Gold Jackpot Project Location. Source: Company


CAT Strategic Metals Corporation

1015 – 789 W. Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1H2 (Canada)
Tel.: (604) 674-3145
[email protected]

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