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Our referral program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize traffic.

How Do I Get Started With This Referral Program?

The process is simple:

1) Sign up for our referral marketing program,

2) Recommend this referral program to your existing customer base,

3) Earn up to 20% commissions from qualified memberships as your referral reward.

Sign Up for our Referral Marketing Program

To get started, fill out the simple application form below and submit it.

Make sure you include the websites, blog sites, news articles, and any other customer acquisition methods you will employ to your existing customer base.

Recommend our Referral Program to your Existing Customers

Customer acquisition is key to your success in making money with our referral program. Add our affiliate materials into content delivered to your loyal customers.

1) Encourage existing customers to sign up

2) Encourage new customers to sign up

3) Refer a friend to sign up

Earn Money from Successful Referral Program Customer Acquisition

Our referral program (affiliate program) pays you up to 20% commission upon a successful referral that converts a lead into a qualified and paid customer. Cookies are good for 60 days.

Your Referral Programs (Affiliate) Dashboard

Referral Program (Affiliate) Dashboard

Our referral program software automatically captures your customer referrals clicks and those that convert to paid customers.

Across the top of your dashboard, you have tabs that provide you with more functionality.

The Home Tab

The home tab provides you with your current unpaid commission’s balance and your estimated next payout amount, the ability to generate custom links (not recommended for newer affiliates), as well as details such as the number of clicks, conversions, revenue, commission rate, commissions, sales voids, earnings per click, and charting by date range for clicks and conversions.

The Links and Banners Tab

The links and banners tab provides you with pre-created links and banners which you can use to market our memberships and make commissions. Should you have creative ideas that you would like included, please create a mockup and share it with us.

The Account Tab

The account tab allows you to modify your profile settings, such as name, address, and tax ID.

The Payments Tab

The payments tab provides you with your commission payments history.

The Referrals Tab

The referrals tab provides you with a list of your referrals.

The Logout Tab

The logout tab functions exactly as you would expect. It logs you out of the site.

To get started, jump to the signup at the bottom of the page. 

Continue reading about customer referral programs below if you are new to them, or just go to the sign up form below.

How do I build customer referral programs?

One of the fundamental principles of customer success is making your service a marketing tool. Word-of-mouth accounts for almost 20 percent of all sales and influences it so much that you should set up a referral program to help grow market potential with repeat clients.

Best Referral Incentive Ideas

Top incentives programs are those which serve your customer and business. For reward incentives to be effective, they must be something that the customer wants to take advantage of early on. Customers are also more likely to become active referrals and enroll at a business where incentives make sense and are what the customer wants. Consider ways your clients interact with your company. Now choose what would be most valuable to them. If your incentive meets those criteria, you’re on the right path to referral success.

What is a Referral Program?

Referrals programs are word-of-mouth marketing tactics that encourage clients to advocate for your brand. Referral programs allow customers to share the product’s experience with partners, colleagues, and friends. If you ask your clients how to find customers, they think who is interested in your company, and they are more likely to come back for more and give you some of the most profitable leads. Strong leads will help your marketing and sales team develop the right relationship with customers. Your customers will trust your company more because they have a trusted source to confirm you are trustworthy. Use the following section for a list of tips for creating customer referral programs.

How Does a Referral Program Work?

Referral programs can potentially create a never-ending cycle of word-of-mouth advertising. One referral leads to two and so on from only one customer. Word of mouth advertising will improve your sales and customer retention if you decide to adopt the new referral program. 


55% of consumers report buying their product online from social media. Allow customers to write positive reviews about their experience and share it on social. They should also share a referral link with their network and broaden beyond limits on their reach. They are promoting your program from e-mail to the advocate. When a customer isn’t in regular contact with you anymore, it does not mean they can’t be a potential advocate for your brand. You can bring past customers engaged via a link on an e-mail where they will be given a free version of the app and invited to refer friends and relatives. The same applies to partners, influencers, potential buyers, or investors.

Include Eye-Catching Images and Visuals

The most obvious visual things catch a customer’s eye right away – even before reading them. Illustrations or other styles grab a customer’s attention and clearly describe how your referral program works. You can also add photographs to break up long texts and keep your referral promotion easy to read. Create customized graphics to guide customers through the referral process or assemble a photo to present the actual prize. For example, you can go with the famous hero image or banner or use a picture of the genuine rewards to show the program’s primary content, which is the referral program. Use photos to explain the program by breaking out long text.


InviteReferrals offers simple referral marketing software with complete referral planning design and implementation. The platform provides supposedly unmatched insights into your referral programs, measuring anything from referrers invitations, referral visits, and referral installations to your top influence. 

Set Your Goals

Ask yourself, “What should I gain” from these referrals? How do I set growth expectations? Do you need a retention boost? Are there any industries that can be relied upon as highly trustworthy? Once you have made a clear decision and articulated the goals you should achieve, it can quickly develop into the next steps.

Do a Little Math

How many referral fees is enough to be able to break even? A 10% conversion rate for referrers is a good starting point. Depending on your business, referrals can generate around 20%. A 10% conversion rate would be a good starting point but based on business referrals, and it could quickly increase conversion to 70% or better.

Share with Existing Customers

A good referral program should generate referral customers directly. Tell them the importance of referral programs and how to use them effectively. It’s much more time- and cost-effective to contact customers you already have that need and can help build a steady stream of referrers in which your name is passed along as an affiliate or friend. Developing an effective referral program is so much more important than going out and trying to find brand new customers everywhere else.

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