Denison Mines Corp – NYSE: DNN, TSX: DML

Denison Mines Corp. (Stock Symbols – NYSE: DNN, TSX: DML) operates as a uranium exploration and development company in Canada.

A Uranium Exploration and Development Company

Denison Mines’ mining segment has a large portfolio of properties for uranium exploration and development projects in the Athabasca Basin region of Canada. This area is known for its rich uranium deposits, and Denison’s focus is in the eastern portion of the Athabasca Basin where there is more infrastructure in place. This provides easier access to the sites, and makes it easier to develop the projects. There are numerous projects covering approximately 280,000 hectares, so Denison has a significant presence in this area.

Denison Mines Project Locations
Denison Mines Project Locations. Source: Company

The Athabasca Basin is home to the world’s largest and highest grade uranium mining and milling operations. The McArthur River and Cigar Lake uranium mines are located in the Basin, as well as the Key Lake and McClean Lake uranium mills. These operations produce some of the highest quality uranium in the world, making the Athabasca Basin a key strategic resource for nuclear energy.

Wheeler River Project

Denison Mines flagship project is the 95% interest owned Wheeler River Uranium project located in the Athabasca Basin region in northern Saskatchewan.

Denison Mines Wheeler River Project
Denison Mines Wheeler River Project. Source: Company

Wheeler River Pre-Feasibility Study
Wheeler River Pre-Feasibility Study. Source: Company

The Wheeler River Uranium project has two assets: the In-Situ Recovery Phoenix uranium deposit which contains a probable reserve of 60 million pounds of uranium and has an all in cost of $8.90 per pound making it potentially the second lowest cost production mine on Earth; and the underground mining Gryphon deposit which contains a probable reserve of 50 million pounds of uranium with an all in cost of $22.82 per pound.

Phoenix and Gryphon Projects
Phoenix and Gryphon Projects. Source: Company

Both of these Denison Mines Corp deposits combined have a total of over 110 million pounds of uranium.

Denison Mines Corp owns a 22.5% stake in the McClean Lake mill which processes more than 12% of the uranium consumed globally.

The Phoenix Project is planned to have a 10 year mining life with an average of 6 million pounds per year production and provides a pre-tax IRR (internal rate of return) of over 43% and pre-tax payback of less than 21 months.

The Gryphon Project is planned to have a 6.5 year mine life with an average of 7.6 million pounds of production per year.

The Grypone Project provides a pre-tax IRR (internal rate of return) of over 23% and pre-tax payback of less than 37 months.

Uranium Properties are Well Positioned

The company’s portfolio of projects is extremely competitive from a production cost basis as shown below.

Denison Mines Uranium Project Costs vs Peers
Denison Mines Uranium Project Costs vs Peers. Source: Company

Closed Mine Services Segment

Denison stopped mining operations in Elliot Lake, Ontario, in 1992. The mines have been closed and the sites have been decommissioned. Denison’s Closed Mines group provides care and maintenance for the closed mines in Elliot Lake, Ontario. They also provide contract care and maintenance services to third party clients.

The company was formerly known as International Uranium Corporation and changed its name to Denison Mines Corp. in December 2006.

Denison Mines Corp. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


Denison Mines Corp

1100 – 40 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M5J 1T1 (Canada)

Phone: 416-979-1991

Email: [email protected]

Denison Mines Stock Performance (DNN Stock), Market Data and Market Cap

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David D. Cates

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mac McDonald

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