enCore Energy – TSXV: EU, OTCMKTS: ENCUF

enCore Energy Corp. (Stock Symbols – TSXV: EU, OTCMKTS: ENCUF), together with its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition and exploration of resource properties in the United States.

Importantly, recent acquisitions put enCore Energy in a position to quickly become an American uranium producer.

It holds a 100% interest in approximately 115,000 acres of private mineral rights, including the Crownpoint and Hosta Butte uranium deposits located in New Mexico.

enCore Energy Project Locations
enCore Energy Project Locations. Source: enCore Energy

From their website:

The Crownpoint and Hosta Butte uranium project area covers 3,020 acres located in the Grants Uranium Belt, New Mexico, which has produced over 347 MM lbs U308 and remains well endowed with uranium mineralization. The project area was extensively explored during the 1970s, with more than 600 holes drilled(1) and contains the current resource estimate described below. The project area includes portions of Sections 24, Township 17 North, Range 13 West; Sections 19 and 29, Township 17 North, Range 12 West; and Sections, 3, 9, and 11, Township 16 North, Range 13 West. enCore Energy Corp. owns the mineral estate outright (subjected only to a 3% gross proceeds royalty on Uranium produced) and the property is not subject to any ongoing holding costs or expenditure requirements.

Crownpoint and Hosta Butte Uranium Resource Estimate
Crownpoint and Hosta Butte Uranium Resource Estimate. Source: enCore Energy

The company also holds interest in the Marquez project consists of private mineral leases located in McKinley and Sandoval counties of New Mexico; the Nose Rock project comprising 42 owned unpatented lode mining claims located in McKinley County, New Mexico; and the Moonshine Springs project consisting of 23 owned unpatented lode mining claims, including 7 unpatented lode mining claims and 320 acres of fee land under lease located in Mohave County, Arizona.

The Marquez property is located in McKinley and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico, along the eastern margin of the Grants Uranium District, approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of the town of Laguna. enCore controls the mineral right through a 14,501 acre (5870 hectares) private lease. The property was extensively explored from 1973-1977 by Kerr McGee Corp., with more than 384 holes drilled and probed. Kerry McGee was a major uranium miner and producer in the Grants District during this period. Following completion of a Pre-Feasibility study and mine planning, in 1978 Kerr McGee sold 50% of the project to joint venture partner Tennessee Valley Authority. Kerr McGee also conducted tests of chemical equilibrium for uranium and process amenability. The joint venture elected to pursue underground mining operations by the mid-1980s. However, with the decrease in the uranium market prices, the mine plan was shelved and the Property was returned to the lease holders in the late 1980s.” – enCore Energy.

In addition, it holds interest in the White Canyon District and Utah property package, including the Geitus, Blue Jay, Marcy Look, and Cedar Mountain projects located to the northwest of the White Mesa Mill at Blanding County, Utah.

The company was formerly known as Wolfpack Gold Corp. and changed its name to enCore Energy Corp. in August 2014.

enCore Energy Corp. was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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