Global Atomic Corporation – TSX: GLO, OTCMKTS: GLATF

Global Atomic Corp (Stock Symbols – TSX: GLO, OTCMKTS: GLATF) is a development stage uranium and production stage zinc concentrate businesses.

Global Atomic provides a unique combination of high-grade uranium development and cash-flowing zinc concentrate production. This makes it a very profitable company, as uranium is in high demand and zinc is a valuable resource.

Company Business Segments
Company Business Segments. Source: Company

Global Atomic’s properties are in excellent locations, and the company has a strong management team with many years of experience in the uranium and mining industries.

The company plans to start uranium production at the Tier 1 Dasa deposit, in the Republic of Niger by the end of 2024. In addition, Global Atomic has a 49% stake in the BST steel dust recycling operation in Turkey that produces zinc concentrate and provides financial leverage to minimise equity dilution. This gives the company a strong position in two growing industries.

The Global Atomic Uranium Business Segment Includes The High Grade Uranium Deposit – Dasa

Global Atomic Corp owns 100% interest in their flagship Dasa project which includes six exploration permits covering an area of approximately 289 square miles located in the Republic of Niger. This project is part of the company’s uranium business segment.

Dasa Project Location
Dasa Project Location. Source: Company

The Dasa uranium deposit is a high-grade and large uranium deposit that is located within the Adrar Emoles III licence area in the Republic of Niger. This area is known for its high-grade uranium deposits and has seen significant investment in recent years due to the increasing demand for uranium.

Dasa Project Jursidiction
Dasa Project Jursidiction. Source: Company

The Dasa deposit is one of the largest and highest-grade uranium deposits in this region and has the potential to become a major mining centre.

In 2017, the Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Orano Mining S.A. to potentially process uranium ore from the Dasa region at facilities 135 kilometers north, near the established uranium mining town of Arlit.

This would be a major boon for the town, as it would provide many jobs and economic opportunities for the people living there. The ore is high-quality and could provide a significant amount of revenue for the company.

Dasa Mining Inc. has received its mining permit from the Government of Niger. This means that the company is now fully permitted to begin its operations. In addition, Dasa has also received its Environmental Compliance Certificate, which means that the company is in full compliance with all environmental regulations. This is great news for Dasa, as it will now be able to begin mining operations in the country.

The Dasa Uranium project preliminary economic analysis (PEA) denotes a mine life of 12 years producing 44 million pounds of uranium at an all in sustaining cost (AISC) of $18.39 and a project internal rate of return (IRR) of 26.6% at a uranium price of $35 per pound. These financial figures improve dramatically as the uranium price rises.

The project is anticipated to produce an average of 4.4 million pounds of uranium per year during the life of this mine.

An environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Global Atomic Corporation Dasa project has been submitted to the government, and both geotechnical and hydrogeological studies were completed during the first half of 2020.

The company accounced the results of the Dasa Feasibility Study in November 2021 which is a major step forward for the Dasa project. Phase 1 of their mining plan is a low-capital development targeting profitable production over the initial twelve year mine life. This will allow the mine to get up and running quickly while they continue to explore the rest of the deposit.

Dasa Feasibility Study
Dasa Feasibility Study. Source: Company

You can read the Phase 1 Feasibility Study here:

Global Atomic plans to submit is mining permit application during the third quarter of 2020.

Dasa Uranium Project Financial Highlights
Dasa Uranium Project Financial Highlights. Source: Company

Global Atomic Corp (GLO TSX) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Orano for the potential shipment of uranium ore after the project is placed into production.

The Global Atomic Zinc Business Segment Includes Ownership in Befesa Silvermet Turkey

Through a 49% joint venture known as BST, the company has steady cash flow from processing electric arc furnace dust “EAFD” from local steel mills into zinc concentrates, which is sold to zinc smelters.

Befesa Silvermet Turkey Zinc
Befesa Silvermet Turkey Zinc. Source: Company

Why Invest in Global Atomic?

As you have read and can see in the summary below, Global Atomic has numerous advantages which could provide interested investors with significant upside potential. They have cash flowing zinc operations, a share structure which is much smaller than many of their competitors and has a near production uranium project which is permitted for operation.

Why Global Atomic
Why Global Atomic. Source: Company

Global Atomic Corporation was formerly known as Silvermet Inc and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. This is one of the Canadian stocks to keep on your watchlist as market conditions continue to improve and sales of U3O8 take off.


Global Atomic Corp

8 King Street East
Suite 1700
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1B5 Canada

Phone: +1 (416) 368-3949

Email: [email protected]

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Stock Symbols – TSX: GLO, OTCMKTS: GLATF

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