Centrus Energy – LEU Stock Price & News

Centrus Energy Corp. (Stock Symbol – AMEX: LEU) supplies nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry in the United States, Japan, Belgium, and internationally.

Centrus plays a critical role in areas such as fueling commercial nuclear reactors supporting US national security and providing advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

The company operates in two segments, Low-Enriched Uranium (LEU) and Technical Solutions.

The LEU segment sells separative work units (SWU) component of LEU; SWU and uranium components of LEU; and natural uranium for utilities that operate nuclear power plants.

Its LEU is a component that is used in the production of nuclear fuel for reactors to produce electricity.

The Technical Solutions segment offers technical, manufacturing, engineering, procurement, construction, and operations services to public and private sector customers, including the American Centrifuge engineering and testing activities.

Centrus Energy Nuclear Fuel

Centrus Energy is a trusted supplier of nuclear fuel and services for utilities around the world.

Centrus, a world leader in enriched uranium production, is committed to help meet the growing demand for carbon-free electricity by providing its utility customers with innovative products that are tailored to their needs.

Centrus has already established themselves as the go-to company by having an order book extending through 2030; they continue research into how best meet our customer’s requirements while maintaining reliability of supply sources. Centrus has proven their expertise in uranium handling, nuclear fuel design and criticality. They are committed to innovation by collaborating with the advanced reactor community to develop next-generation nuclear fuel.

Centrus has designed, manufactured and successfully operated the world’s most advanced gas centrifuge enrichment technology. The American Centrifuge is available for national security deployment and it’s undergone rigorous testing by the Department of Energy!

Restoring America’s capability to enrich uranium with a domestic technology is critical in meeting long-term national security requirements, such as supplying fuel for the U.S. Navy and providing a source of tritium which is necessary to maintain the effectiveness of nuclear deterrence system through the use of American resources instead or foreign ones which might be unavailable when needed most in order to uphold US treaty obligations and longstanding nonproliferation policies prohibiting it from using any foreign sources whatsoever.

Centrus is a world leader in uranium enrichment centrifuges and other engineering solutions. Centrus has now established partnerships with companies outside of the traditional nuclear fuel business such as aerospace, chemical, energy industries for advanced reactor design and development needs.

Based on their experience developing some of the most advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges available today, Centrus is proud to offer an array of turnkey engineering capabilities that can be provided from designing your plant all the way through complete manufacturing work up services tailored specifically to meet each company’s specific project goals. At their 440,000 square foot Technology & Manufacturing Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee the team of scientists and engineers work to transform innovative ideas into proven designs and high-quality products.

The company is well-positioned to support customers and help the nuclear industry grow. They have deep technical expertise, a billion dollar order book, and long term supply agreements that will last through 2030!

Low Enriched Uranium & Natural Uranium

Centrus Energy is the world’s most diversified supplier of enriched uranium fuel. Drawing upon their long-term supply agreements with primary producers, purchases from secondary sources, and inventory Centrus has maintained a nearly 60 year record in providing utility customers with assured affordable on-time deliveries.

The nuclear fuel cycle is an interesting and complicated process with long lead times. Centrus works collaboratively with their strategic partners to offer solutions across the entire spectrum of processes for their utility customers in order to help them stay competitive while meeting their needs today and tomorrow!

Centrus has structured a portfolio of strategic relationships to meet customer’s needs for more responsive fuel procurement. These relationships allow them to manage supply logistics, optimize inventory management, and build in supply assurances which assure on-time delivery.

The competitive landscape is more complex and uncertain than ever, which is why Centrus works to make sure its customers have access to all of the secondary sources they need.

The company was formerly known as USEC and changed its name to Centrus Energy Corp in September 2014. They were founded in 1998 as the United States Enrichment Corporation, based out of Bethesda Maryland.

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