Elevate Uranium Ltd – ASX: EL8, OTCMKTS: ELVUF, NSX: EL8

A Uranium Exploration Company

Elevate Uranium Ltd (Stock Symbol – ASX: EL8, OTCMKTS: ELVUF, NSX: EL8) engages in the exploration and evaluation of uranium deposits across many uranium properties in Namibia and Australia.

The Company has been in the uranium industry for 16 years.

It has holdings in Namibia and Australia that have resulted in significant uranium exploration success. There is a lot of potential for more success.

Uranium Deposits

The company has a resource of 81 Mlb U3O8 at the Marenica and Koppies Uranium Projects in Namibia.

It also has a resource of 48 Mlb U3O8 in Australia.

The team behind the company has over 50 years of experience with uranium, and this experience is put to use in developing mining projects.

Energy Resources for a Lean Air World

Uranium is important because it enables production of baseload carbon free nuclear energy, which is environmentally friendly.

Elevate Uranium Ltd Uranium Resources in Namibia and Australia

Elevate Uranium Ltd holds numerous assets across its portfolio of uranium projects in two countries – Namibia and Australia.

Elevate Uranium Assets
Uranium Assets. Source: Company

The company’s Namibian projects include the Marenica Uranium Project and the Koppies Uranium Project.

Elevate Uranium Namibia Projects
Elevate Uranium Namibia Projects. Source: Company

Koppies Project Consists of a Large Geographical Area with Maiden Resource Forthcoming

Elevate Uranium Koppies Project
Elevate Uranium Koppies Project. Source: Company

The Koppies project in Namibia is currently in phase 1 of its exploration drilling with an anticipated maiden resource update expected in mid-2022.

The project covers approximately 6.4 square kilometers. The company plans to continue additional drilling during the remainder of 2022 to continue to define the asset.

Hirabeb Project Consists of Mineralization Over a Large Geographical Area

The Hirabeb project has mineralization identified over a 30 kilometer area, and the tenement is 15 times greater than the Koppies project area noted above.

The company is planning additional exploration drilling during the middle of 2022.

Elevate Hirabeb project
Hirabeb Project. Source: Company

Namib IV

The Namib IV project is an exploration project which covers an area of 5 kilometers by 18 kilometers in Namibia.

The company plans to conduct additional exploration during late 2022.

Elevate Namib IV project
Namib IV Project. Source: Company


The Capri project in Namibia is planned for it’s maiden exploration drilling in mid-2022 after the company conducted an airborne survey which identified 73 kilometers of potential palaeochannels.

Elevate Capri project
Capri Project. Source: Company

Marenica Uranium Project

The Marenica project is located in the central Erongo region.

This project has a defined JORC resource of 61 million pounds of uranium.

In addition, there is significant opportunity for exploration in this project area.

Elevate Uranium Marenica project
Marenica Project. Source: Company

The company’s 100% owned Australian projects include:


The Angela project is located in the northern territory and currently has an inferred resource of 31 million pounds of uranium, with potential for expanion.

Thatcher Soak

The Thatcher Soak project contains an inferred resource of approximately 11 million pounds of uranium.


The company has identified uranium mineralization between 40 and 120 meters below the surface with an exploration target of between 26 and 52 million pounds uranium in Western Australia.


The Minerva project currently has a strike length of over 2,400 meters with 10 drill holes conducted which have discovered grades of nearly 1% uranium.

Joint Venture Interests

The company’s Australian Joint Venture projects include:

Bigrlyi – 21 million pounds of uranium with a 21% ownership.

Walbiri – 16 million pounds of uranium with a 23% ownership.

Other projects – between 21% and 24% ownership with 3.6 million pounds of uranium.

Elevate Uranium Australian projects
Australian Uranium Projects. Source: Company
Elevate Uranium JORC Resource Table
Elevate Uranium JORC Resource Table. Source: Company

The company was formerly known as West Australian Metals and changed its name to Marenica Energy in November 2009.

The company then renamed from Marenica Energy to Elevate Uranium in 2021.

Elevate Uranium Ltd was incorporated in 1978 and is based in West Perth, Australia.

One of the Australian Uranium Stocks for Your Portfolio

The uranium energy resources available to Elevate Uranium make this a must have for your stocks portfolio.


Elevate Uranium Ltd

Murray Hill, Managing Director /CEO

Suite 2, 5 Ord Street

West Perth, 6005

Western Australia

Phone: +61 (8) 6555 1816

Email: [email protected]


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