Energy Fuels Inc – NYSE: UUUU, TSX: EFR

Energy Fuels Inc Provides Americans with Clean Nuclear Energy

Energy Fuels Inc (Stock Symbols – NYSE: UUUU, TSX: EFR) is the largest American uranium producer with both in-situ uranium recovery (ISR) and conventional mining operations to provide clear air nuclear power which helps to eliminate greenhouse gases. Energy Fuels Inc has rare earth elements, uranium and vanadium properties across it’s large portfolio of projects. These projects place the company in a unique position of having diverse cashflow generating opportunities.

Energy Fuels Project Locations.  Source: Energy Fuels
Energy Fuels Project Locations. Source: Energy Fuels

Energy Fuels Inc In-Situ Operations

Energy Fuels Inc has many in-situ uranium recovery operations in its portfolio including Nichols Ranch, Alta Mesa, Jane Dough, Hank, West North Butte, North Rolling Pin, and the Arkose Mining Venture.

Nichols Ranch ISR

This 100% owned ISR mining operation is located in Wyoming, USA. The mine is fully licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It has a total licensed annual capacity of 2 million pounds of uranium with expansion potential to supply the nuclear energy industry. The mine first began production in 2014 in Texas with 1.5 million pounds of annual capacity.

Energy Fuels Inc - ISR
Source: Energy Fuels Inc

Alta Mesa ISR

Located in Texas, this 100% Energy Fuels Inc owned ISR mining operations and plant are fully licensed and ready to go. The project is on standby awaiting higher uranium prices to maximize profits and shareholder returns. The total operating capacity per year is 1.5 million pounds, and has produced approximately 5 million pounds of product during the 2005 to 2013 timeframe before being placed on standby.

Energy Fuels Inc - ISR
Alta Mesa ISR. Source: Energy Fuels

Jane Dough ISR

The Jane Dough ISR project is 100% owned by Energy Fuels Inc and is in permitting. The project is located near the Nichols Ranch Plant in Wyoming. The project has an indicated uranium resource of 3.6 million pounds, and just under a third million pounds in the inferred mineral resource category. Should the company decide to bring this operation online, the company will have significantly more production capacity.


Another 100% owned ISR project located in Wyoming is the Hank Project. The project is fully licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and has just under 1 million pounds of indicated mineral resource, and just under 1 million pounds of inferred resource.

West North Butte, North Rolling Pin and Arkose

Other ISR mining projects include 100% Energy Fuels Inc owned West North Butte with nearly 3 million indicated and 3 million inferred uranium pounds; 100% owned North Rolling Pin with just under 1 million indicated uranium pounds; and Arkose Mining Venture with 3.3 million pound of uranium and 81% ownership.

Energy Fuels Inc Conventional Operations

Energy Fuels Inc has many in-situ operations in its portfolio including the White Mesa Mill, Pinyon Plain Mine, Sheep Mountain Project, Henry Mountains Complex, Roca Honda Project, La Sal Complex, Whirlwind, Daneros, Wate, Sage Plain, and EZ Complex

White Mesa Mill – The Only Conventional Uranium Mill and Only Primary Vanadium Producer

Energy Fuels Inc 100% owned White Mesa Mill is America’s only fully licensed and operating conventional uranium and rare earths mill. The White Mesa Mill is licensed for a capacity of over 8 million pounds per year and is the only conventional vanadium mill.

White Mesa Uranium Mill Location and Value

The White Mesa Mill is centralized between America’s highest grade mines and deposits. Notably, the White Mesa Mill is also a major American producer of high purity vanadium (a rare earth element), making Energy Fuels Inc the only primary vanadium producer back in 2018.

Energy Fuels Inc - White Mesa Mill
White Mesa Mill. Source: Energy Fuels Inc

Pinyon Plain Mine

Pinyon Plain mine is the highest grade uranium mine being developed in America, and is 100% owned by Energy Fuels Inc. The surface infrastructure and production shaft are substantially complete. The total measured and indicated uranium resource for this mine is just under 2.5 million pounds.

Energy Fuels Inc - Pinyon Plain Mine
Pinyon Plain Mine. Source: Energy Fuels

Sheep Mountain

With just over 18.4 million pound of probable uranium reserves and just over 30 million indicated uranium resources, the 100% owned Sheep Mountain project is fully permitted for mining operations. The project is estimated to produce up to 1.5 million pounds of uranium per year over a 15 year mine life.

Henry Mountains

Another 100% Energy Fuels Inc owned project is the Henry Mountains Complex in Utah. The project has two mines – Tony M, which is fully permitted and developed, and Bullfrog which is in permitting. The total indicated mineral resource is nearly 13 million pounds of uranium, and the inferred resource is just over 8 million pounds.

Roca Honda

New Mexico is the home for the 100% Energy Fuels Inc owned Roca Honda project. The project is within trucking distance to the company’s White Mesa Mill. The measured and indicated mineral resource for this project is nearly 15 million pounds, and the inferred mineral resource is just over 11 million pounds of uranium. The project is in the advanced stages of permitting, and is anticipated to have up to nearly 3 million pounds of uranium production annually over it’s 9 year mine life.

La Sal Complex – Uranium and Vanadium

Utah is also the home for another 100% company owned set of projects at the La Sal Complex. The complex includes the Beaver, Pandora, La Sal, Energy Queen, and Redd Block projects. The Beaver and Pandora mines are fully permitted and developed, with both producing just over 1/2 million pounds of uranium as recently as 2012. The complex’s projects have a total measured and indicated resource of just over 4 million pounds of uranium and over 21 million pounds of vanadium. The inferred resource is just shy of 1/2 million pounds of uranium and nearly 2 million pounds of vanadium.

Whirlwind & Daneros

Two other 100% owned and on standby mines are the Whirlwind uranium / vanadium mine along the Colorado and Utah border, and the Daneros uranium mine in Utah. Whirlwind is fully permitted and developed. The mine has been on standby awaiting higher uranium prices. The indicated uranium mineral resource is 1 million pounds, and the project has another 2 million of inferred resource. The Daneros mine is also fully permitted and developed. Production at this mine last occurred in 2012.

Wate, Sage Plain and EZ Complex

Other 100% company owned conventional mines include Wate with just over 1 million pounds of inferred uranium; Sage Plain with indicated resources of 1.6 million pounds of uranium and 13.3 million pounds of vanadium; and EZ Complex with just over 2 million pounds of inferred uranium.

Energy Fuels Resources

The company has significant uranium and in ground vanadium resources as shown in the table below.

Energy Fuels - Resources
Energy Fuels – Resources Summary. Source: Energy Fuels

Energy Fuels

225 Union Blvd., Suite 600

Lakewood, CO 80228 (United States)

Phone: 888-864-2125

Chief Executive Officer

Mark S. Chalmers, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Stock Symbols – NYSE American: UUUU, Toronto Stock Exchange: EFR

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