Energy Resources of Australia – ASX: ERA

Energy Resources of Australia (Stock Symbols – ASX: ERA, OTCMKTS: EGRAF) is an Australia based uranium company with trading primarily occuring on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company is engaged in the mining, processing and sale of uranium oxide.

This uranium production company holds interests in three assets including the Ranger Stockpiles, the Ranger 3 Deeps underground resource, and the Jabiluka Mineral Lease.

The Ranger mine’s operational infrastructure lies within the 49 square mile Ranger Project Area, which is located eleven miles east of Jabiru and 161 miles east of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The Company holds two undeveloped uranium resources at Ranger 3 Deeps and Jabiluka.

The Ranger project area and the Jabiluka mineral lease are located on Aboriginal land and are surrounded by, but are separate from the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.

The Ranger 3 Deeps ore body contains a mineral resource of approximately 43,860 tonnes of uranium oxide, consisting of over 20 million tons at an overall grade of 0.244 % uranium oxide (U3O8).

From the Energy Resources of Australia website: “In 2009 ERA announced the discovery of the Ranger 3 Deeps underground resource. A $120 million exploration decline was constructed to conduct underground exploration drilling and to explore areas adjacent to the Ranger 3 Deeps resource. A $57 million prefeasibility study was undertaken into the Ranger 3 Deeps project. However in June 2015, ERA’s board made the decision that the project should not proceed to Final Feasibility Study in the current operating environment. The Ranger 3 Deeps decline and associated infrastructure remains on care and maintenance.”

The Jabiluka Mineral Lease is located 13 miles north of the Ranger mine.

ERA notes on their website:

“Twenty-two kilometres north of the Ranger mine lies the world-class Jabiluka deposit, which is under long term care and maintenance and will not be developed by ERA without the consent of the Mirarr Traditional Owners.”

Jabiluka. Source: Energy Resources of Australia

Work began on rehabilitating the disturbed land on the Jabiluka Mineral Lease in 2003 when the surface and sub-surface infrastructure was removed and the box-cut and decline were backfilled. In 2013, ERA committed to rehabilitating the Interim Water Management Pond.  The programme of work included removal of the pond liner and concrete spillway, relocation of waste rock stockpiles, re-grading of fill surfaces, and excavation work. The land was reshaped and re-contoured so that it was similar to the pre-mining landform. Revegetation of the disturbed areas at the Jabiluka footprint took place in three stages over a decade.  ERA formed a strategic partnership with a local indigenous supplier Kakadu Native Plants, which raised saplings from seeds collected within the lease area. In total, more than 16,000 stems were planted between 2005 and 2015, consisting of more than two dozen different species of native plants. Ongoing weed, fire and water quality management is in place at Jabiluka.

Energy Resources of Australia proudly sells its uranium products to power utilities around the world.

The United States, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates are among its customers.

The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Darwin, Australia. Energy Resources of Australia Ltd is a subsidiary of North Limited.

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