National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC – LSE: KAP

National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC (Stock Symbol – LSE: KAP) operates as a national operator for the import and export of natural uranium and its compounds.

The company is the world’s foremost uranium production company, supplying nuclear power facilities with the uranium necessary to maintain the worlds nuclear power plants.

The company’s production volume commands an astounding 24% of the global uranium supply, positioning it’s Kazakhstan uranium production operations as the world’s largest, lowest cost producer of raw ore to produce clean nuclear energy fuel for the world.

2019 Market Share by Company

  • Kazatomprom – 24% of global market share
  • CGN / CNNC – 13% of global market share
  • Orano – 12% of global market share
  • Uranium One – 8% of global market share
  • Cameco – 8% of global market share
  • BHP – 6% of global market share
  • ARMZ – 6% of global market share

The company’s total mineral reserves include 498.4 thousand tU with 292.7 thousand tU attributable to the company.

These reserves represent 26 deposits which the company has organized into 14 mining clusters across the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Ortalyk
  • KAP-SaUran
  • RU-6
  • Appak
  • Inkai
  • Baiken-U
  • Kharasan-U
  • Akbastau
  • Karatau
  • Semizbai-U
  • Zarechnoe
  • Katko
  • SMCC
  • Budenovskoye
Kazatomprom mines
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These mineral reserves are exclusively extracted via In-Situ Recovery (ISR) which not only provides the mining operations with a smaller ecological footprint, but also provides significant cost advantages over their competitors in the market.

In fact, the company operates 8 of the 10 largest ISR mines across the globe.

Kazatomprom Stock is found on the London Stock Exchange

National Atomic Company Kazatomprom began trading in 2018 on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the symbol KAP. Currently the total free float of shares is at 25%.

The remaining shares are not available for purchase by investors.

As a reminder and to clarify, the company’s market capitalization only represents 25% of the shares outstanding, the remaining shares are held nationally.

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The company’s operations cover the nuclear fuel cycle through the following segments: Uranium, Ulba Metallurgic Plant (UMP), and Other.

The Uranium market segment includes uranium mining and processing operations from its mines; purchases of uranium from the group’s joint ventures and associates which are engaged in uranium production; and external sales and marketing of products for uranium fuel.

The Ulba Metallurgic Plant (UMP) segment processes and produces nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. This includes fuel pellets and other products containing beryllium; tantalum and niobium; hydrofluoric acid; and by-products.

The Other segment relates refers to the revenue and expenses of the firm’s subsidiaries that are primarily engaged in providing supporting services to the Uranium segment such as drilling, transportation, and security services.

The company employs over 20,000 team members and was founded in 1997. National Atomic Company Kazatomprom is headquartered in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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