Uranium Energy Corp. – NYSE: UEC

Uranium Energy Corp. (Stock Symbol – NYSE American: UEC) engages in uranium mining and related activities, including exploration, pre-extraction, extraction, and processing of uranium concentrates on several uranium projects located throughout the United States and Paraguay. The company has acquired UEX Corporation.

Amir Adnani Uranium Energy Corp – CEO

The company is under Amir Adnani, who is the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of UEC. His co-founding partner is Alan P. Lindsay. Amir Adnani has been in the leadership position for UEC since 2005. He is also a board member for Gold Royalty Corp., Chairman of the Board for Uranium Royalty Corp., and Chairman of the Board for Goldmining Inc.

Significant Leadership Progress

Under Amir Adnani, CEO, Uranium Energy Corp. / UEC has secured mineral rights in various stages in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, and the Republic of Paraguay.

About Uranium Energy Corp.

Among the American uranium stocks to watch, Uranium Energy Corporation / UEC is a leading uranium producer whose production-ready, licensed, and low-cost ISR mining operations in Wyoming and Texas produce the material necessary to meet the rising demand for nuclear power generation worldwide.

Impressive Opportunities

They have the most extensive resource base of fully permitted ISR projects in the U.S., and they also have a newly established inventory warehouse with 2.3 million pounds of uranium, according to their September 2021 corporate presentation.

Strong Financials

The firm has a strong balance sheet with $123.1 million in cash, equity, and physical holdings that will appeal to investors everywhere looking for great returns on their money.

Uranium Energy Corp. is a leading U.S.  uranium producer.
Source: Uranium Energy Corp.

The Company’s Uranium Projects Include ISR Uranium Mining

It owns interests in the Palangana In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mine, Burke Hollow, Goliad, Longhorn, and Salvo properties located in Texas; Anderson, Workman Creek, and Los Cuatros projects situated in Arizona; Slick Rock project in Colorado; Diabase project located in Canada; and Yuty, Oviedo, and Alto Paran titanium projects in Paraguay.

Uranium Energy Corp Asset Portfolio
Asset Portfolio. Source: Uranium Energy Corp.

Hobson Processing Facility

The Hobson Processing Facility processes material from the Palangana Mine into drums of U3O8. The UEC slides below provide you with visuals of the operation.

Area 1

Palangana Production Area 1
Area 1. Source: UEC

ISR Proof of Concept

ISR Mine Data. Check out Motley Fool for more information as well.
ISR Mine Data. Source: UEC

Hobson Uranium Processing Facility Capacity

The Hobson Processing Facility has a physical capacity to process up to a total of two million pounds of U3O8 annually.

Uranium Energy Corp. - U.S. Infrastructure, Resources and Permits
U.S. Infrastructure, Resources, and Permits. Source: Uranium Energy Corp.

Burke Hollow ISR Project

With a massive footprint of 20,000 acres located 50 miles from the Hobson Processing Plant, The Burke Hollow ISR project in south Texas will undoubtedly be valuable for the nuclear power industry. The project has over 7 million pounds of uranium. The uranium is ISR amenable, with a recovery rate of over 90%.

Most Significant ISR Development in America and The World Nuclear Fuel Market

The project is the largest and newest in-development ISR wellfield in America. The company’s plans for this project during 2021 include installing 45 monitoring wells, completion of walls, and continued permitting actions. These actions will prepare the company to become among the countries largest uranium producers.

Near Term Producer for the Nuclear Energy Industry

The project is quickly advancing toward operations with permits in process for the mine go live area, aquifer exemption, radioactive materials license secured, and 2 class 1 disposal wells. These projects will do well with rising uranium prices.

Burke Hollow ISR Project. Check out Motley Fool for more information as well.
Burke Hollow ISR Project. Source: UEC

Reno Creek

The company’s Reno Creek ISR project is America’s largest permitted pre-construction project.

Project Location

The Powder River Basin in the state of Wyoming is home to the Reno Creek project.

Permits Received

In 2019, the firm received its permit to construct this ISR project, allowing company wellfields and the central processing plant construction.

Reno Creek ISR Project
Reno Creek ISR Project. Source: UEC

Reno Creek Pre-Feasibility Study

The Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) is currently in progress for the Reno Creek ISR project. The organization reports measured and indicated resources of 26 million pounds of uranium and inferred resources of another 1.5 million pounds.

Significant Upside Potential Supporting Nuclear Energy

They note that this project has significant ISR exploration and expansion potential, so keep an eye on all the news about it. Additionally, UEC has already secured the production permits for this project. Keep an eye on this project as uranium prices rise.

Anderson Project

The company’s Anderson project, located in the state of Arizona, has an N.I. 43-101 compliant resources of 17 million pounds of uranium and another 12 million pounds of inferred uranium.

Project Location

The project is located northwest of the city of Phoenix and covers an area of nearly 9,900 acres.

Anderson Project in Arizona
Anderson Project. Source: UEC

Slick Rock Project

Southwest Colorado is home to the Slick Rock project. The project has an N.I. 43-101 compliant resource of 11.6 million pounds of uranium and another 69.6 million pounds of vanadium.

Low Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)

The project has a low CAPEX of just $21 million and can produce nearly 440,000 pounds of uranium plus vanadium per year. The additional benefit of this project is its proximity to the White Mesa mill in Utah to sell all its products.

Slick Rock Project in Colorado
Slick Rock Project. Source: UEC

U.S. Physical Uranium Initiative – Uranium Oxide Concentrate

In addition, they have a U.S. Physical Uranium Initiative in which it is buying drummed uranium at spot price, all of which is currently below the cost basis for most global producers.

Uranium Energy Corp. - U.S. Physical Uranium Initiative
U.S. Physical Uranium Initiative. Source: Company Presentation.

Contact Uranium Energy Corp. / UEC:

Amir Adnani – President and CEO, Co-Founder

500 North Shoreline, Suite 800N

Corpus Christi, TX 78401 (USA)

Toll-Free: 866-748-1030

Phone: 361-888-8235

Email: [email protected]

Stock Symbol: NYSE American – UEC

Access their website at: UraniumEnergy.com

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