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UraniumStockInvesting.com was created in 2020 to provide potential investors with news and information on the companies and funds involved in the nuclear energy industry. We currently have company pages that offer interested individuals with data for over 80+ investment opportunities available, including stock symbols, charts, news, project summaries, corporate financials, and so much more. Since its inception, we have created a complete social media site to allow investors worldwide to share, like, discuss, and disagree on all things related to the companies and funds in this niche market. We have launched mobile and tablet apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to allow easier and faster access.

Our site offers the investor community information on the entire lifecycle of companies in this space, including coverage for uranium explorersdevelopersproducersexchange-traded fundsroyalty companiesphysical uraniumindustry newssupply and demand, and the uranium spot price

Uranium Stock Investing provides market delayed stock information to allow investors the opportunity to view current and historical performance data and to conduct additional due diligence before consulting with their financial advisors and making investment decisions.

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The uranium market is nearing the end of a long bear cycle. Bear markets birth bull markets! The uranium spot price has lingered way below the marginal cost of production, forcing the most significant uranium production companies to curtail production and place their mining operations on care and maintenance. 

Investment in exploration for new uranium deposits and the development of new mines have fallen far behind the future needs of the global nuclear power consumers. COVID-19 has further exacerbated the supply side, with another 20 million pounds of uranium removed from the market. Uranium producers are now uranium spot market buyers! 

The spot market is evaporating, leaving the cupboards bare. Experts say that even if all producing mines are back online, there will still be a massive supply deficit lasting years. The only way to mitigate this disaster is to sign extended term contracts, allowing miners to recoup their costs, fund exploration and development, and make a reasonable profit. The alternative is the world losing massive amounts of carbon-free electricity.

There are 32 exploration companies, 22 development companies, ten producing miners, two physical uranium traders, five exchange-traded funds, one investment company, and one royalty company at website conception. The number of investment opportunities is few. 

If the past bull cycle is any indicator, there will be a significant increase in the number of companies across these categories as the new bull market emerges. Check back regularly for new additions.

Nothing found in this site is investment advice, but rather is an additional source of consolidated information and opinions from across the industry. Seek out your personal, professional investment advisor to discuss your particular situation before making any investment decisions.

UraniumStockInvesting.com is your source for news & information on the companies & funds involved in the nuclear energy industry.

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