92 Energy Limited – ASX: 92E, OTC: NTELF

92 Energy Limited (Stock Symbols – ASX: 92E, OTC: NTELF) is an exploration company engaging in the identification, acquisition, exploration, and development of resource properties in the Athabasca Basin. 

Exploring the Athabasca Basin for High-Grade Unconformity Type Deposits

The company started in 2020 after obtaining a database of projects generated using an innovative and technically-driven prospectivity model. Shortly after purchasing those databases, it entered into the Heads of Agreement to purchase eight mineral claims from TSX listed ISO Energy as their exploration areas. 92 Energy’s team pegged additional land in the Athabasca Basin adjacent to the IsoEnergy Claims that became three separate project names: Gemini, Tower, and Clover.

The most exciting thing about unconformity-type uranium deposits is just how high the grade of the ore can be. These are among some of the largest and highest-grade deposits in existence.

92 Energy High-Grade Unconformity Exploration Portfolio

92 Energy Ltd Athabasca Basin Uranium Exploration Projects. Source: 92 Energy Limited

92 Energy Ltd Athabasca Basin Uranium Exploration Projects. Source: 92 Energy Limited

Searching for High-Grade Uranium in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada

The Athabasca Basin is also one of the most exciting places in Canada. The natural resources found here are some of the highest-grade and lowest-cost uranium deposits worldwide, including Cigar Lake, McArthur River, Arrow Mine, and Roughrider Mine.

The Athabasca Basin is a place where some of the top uranium discoveries have been found. One example, NexGen Energy Ltd., has seen an incredible return on its shareholder investment as it was created using information and data from The Athabasca Basin Drilling Project (TADP). Discoveries like this one are why 92 Energy Limited aims to be at the forefront when exploring new areas of high-grade uranium deposits in Canada’s Western Canadian Sedimentary Basins.

Significant discoveries in the Athabasca Basin continue to be found, including Iso Energy’s Hurricane deposit with intersections at 8.5m at 16.6% U308 and [email protected]% U308.

Why Invest in 92 Energy Ltd?

92 Energy Ltd has direct exposure to the Athabasca Basin, the highest-grade uranium district globally. The Athabasca Basin exploration projects in Canada can provide investors that want high-risk/high reward investments access to this sought-after commodity.

Why Invest in 92E?

The company can draw on a breadth of industry experience at Board and Management levels, combined with industry-leading technical leadership and capabilities on the ground in Canada.

92 Energy Limited Leadership Team. Source: 92 Energy Limited

92 Energy Limited Leadership Team. Source: 92 Energy Limited

The company has a solid technical foundation and identified multiple highly prospective uranium exploration opportunities through prospectivity modeling in an excellent mining region.

92 Energy Limited Technical Exploration Team.  Source: 92 Energy Limited

Technical Exploration Team. Source: 92 Energy Limited

Data Show the Market Is Ripe for More Uranium Exploration to Meet World Demand

The timing is suitable for a new uranium explorer. The global focus on carbon neutrality by 2050 means that nuclear energy has the potential to skyrocket in demand! Nuclear power creates zero emissions, making it highly appealing during this time of environmental concern and change.

Electricity generation will grow 50% by 2040 due to increased use, but 85% of our electricity needs must be powered from clean sources like nuclear to meet Net Zero Emission commitments by 2040. The global focus on Net Zero Emissions provides an excellent opportunity for exploration into high-grade resources. 92 Energy believes there’s room for more growth because there hasn’t been enough exploration and new mine development over the last few years, creating significant scarcity among current supplies available today and for the future.

92 Energy’s Initial Public Offering

The recent IPO of Energy 92 Ltd was well-timed. It comes on the heels of renewed support for uranium from both supply and demand-side factors, including a resurgent need for clean energy solutions in response to demands like climate change adaptation and mitigation.

92 Energy Ltd was listed on the ASX on April 15th, 2021, and is headquartered in Perth, Australia.


92 Energy Limited

Level 3, 16 Milligan St

Perth WA 6000

Phone: +61 8 9322 7600

Email: [email protected]


92 Energy Limited Stock Performance & Market Cap

Stock Symbols – ASX: 92E, OTC: NTELF

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