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The world’s nuclear energy industry is making a massive comeback, and it sets up a fantastic opportunity for those invested in the best uranium equities via the stock market. Inside our community, you can search and research the options available for inclusion in your portfolio. You can also review company data, including stock performance, current stock price, and trading range.  

Each company page also displays company financial performance data (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, etc.) and market cap. You can also read breaking and recent company news, access to the current uranium spot price (also known as the uranium price per pound). In addition, our social media platform allows you to connect with other members, engage in conversations, and share documents and photos with like-minded people.

The most extensive publicly traded uranium stocks offer the most liquidity and have the most information available for people like you to make informed decisions.

The Best Stocks to Buy Now

The global demand for uranium was close to 180 million pounds in 2020. Market experts believe that this figure will grow to almost 200 million pounds within the next five years. Uranium is one of the best-performing commodities in the world. Some companies that can ride this nuclear fuel boom are Rio Tinto Group, BHP Group, and Cameco Corp. The ultimate demand for this atomic resource will likely depend on several factors, including the number of new uranium-related projects, the amount of time it takes to complete those already under construction, as well as the reactors that are closed down.

Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR)

Lightbridge Corporation is a Massachusetts-based nuclear fuel technology development company. The firm aims to reduce the environmental impact of nuclear technology on the environment. Just like Rio Tinto Group, BHP Group, and Cameco Corporation, Lightbridge is one of the best uranium equities to buy now. Join now to see the current share price for Lightbridge Corporation and current company news.

Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU)

Energy Fuels shares have returned more than 312% to shareholders over the past year. The company posted earnings results for the first quarter of 2021, reporting earnings per share of -$0.08, missing market estimates. Join now to see the current share price for Energy Fuels and more information on its projects.

Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)

The U.S. uranium mining company Uranium Energy Corp. is on our list of the best uranium stocks to buy now. The company has mining interests in the United States, Canada, and Paraguay. Join now to see the current share price for Uranium Energy Corp, recent company news, and more information on its projects.

The Largest Producing Uranium Mining Companies

Kazatomprom (Stock Symbol – LSE: KAP) is by far the largest producer but is owned primarily by the government of Kazakstan, with a smaller percentage of stock available to investors to own.

Cameco (Stock Symbols – NYSE: CCJ, TSX: CCO) is the second-largest producer globally. Cameco stock is much more accessible for most investors.

BHP Group (Stock Symbols – NYSE: BHP, ASX: BHP, LSE: BHP, JSE: BHP) is one of the largest mining companies globally, owns the Olympic Dam mine, and is the third-largest of the producing uranium companies. 

There are many things to consider when making your investment decisions.

ESG Investing and Uranium Stocks
There are many things to consider when making your investment decisions.

How Many Stocks Are Available?

We currently have over 80+ individual uranium equities (and growing!) from around the world covered in our exclusive members-only community. We cover companies across the lifecycle from uranium exploration companies, developers, miners, milling, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, physical funds, ETF’s, and royalty companies.

Here are just a few of the companies that you may know or will have available once you join!

  • Cameco Corporation (Stock symbols – NYSE: CCJ, TSX: CCO)
  • Kazatomprom (Stock symbol -LSE: KAP)
  • NexGen Energy (Stock symbols -NYSE: NXE, TSX: NXE, ASX: NXE, FWB: 6NE)
  • Denison Mines Corp (Stock symbols -NYSE: DNN, TSX: DML)
  • And so many more!

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Should You Invest In The Uranium Market?

Owning uranium stock can be a great investment opportunity. Their stock prices have been rising again, and experts predict that uranium prices will continue to increase over the next few years as uranium demand accelerates.

Some people might find it challenging to invest in these stocks because they do not know which uranium equities are available or how to invest in these companies. This website will cover all these topics to help you make informed decisions about whether or not investing in uranium equities is right for you!

Should You Start Buying Uranium Stocks Now?

The most significant returns in share price come from investing before or at the beginning of a bull market. So the time to invest in the best uranium equities could be right now!

Massive Demand Creates Opportunity for Uranium Equity Investors Like You

Make Money from the Supply Imbalance through Uranium Stocks

There are currently 442 operating nuclear power plants (reactors) burning approximately 151 million pounds of natural uranium ore annually to produce electricity for our power grids. In addition, countries are currently constructing another 53 reactors, all needing fuel for initial load and on-site inventory and then refueling regularly after that for their entire operating life. A whopping 40 of those nuclear reactors are under construction and will be online before mid-decade.

Increasing Fuel Demand Is Coming

There are another 98 electricity-generating reactors planned for construction and another 326 proposed. Globally, there are another 220 research reactors, plus another 200 reactors powering marine propulsion.

A growing fleet of new generation small modular reactors are being designed, tested and have a global interest in coming online. Small modular reactors provide great promise for cheaper and more rapid deployment of stable baseload power. Remote locations and developing nations that cannot afford conventional nuclear energy stations will benefit significantly from this new technology.

The global economy is powered by nuclear energy, with 11% of electricity sourced from operating reactors. The United States relies on nuclear power as an energy source for nearly 20% of its electricity.

The only fuel these reactors can use is uranium and lots of it. But, significantly, demand does not fall with financial market performance.

Current Market Impacts

The supply and demand imbalance is already unreasonable, with producing mines placed on care and maintenance. This action was necessary as sales prices are way below the cost of production. As a result, U3O8 production companies became buying customers of spot products. The spot market consists of short-term contracts for small amounts of available and non-contracted nuclear fuel and natural uranium.

During 2019, natural uranium production was about 20 million pounds less than demand requirements. Moreover, during the global COVID 19 pandemic of 2020, utilities lost well over 20 million pounds of planned production.

Nuclear reactor natural uranium demand is forecasted to increase 75% by 2040.

Nuclear Energy Is Clean Energy

Clean Energy includes Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy is a popular choice for the electricity needs of consumers because it operates around the clock, even through calm winds, at night, or on cloudy days. The most significant benefits from nuclear energy are straightforward to quantify:

  1. It protects air quality as a zero-emissions energy source.
  2. The physical plant footprint is minimal.
  3. It produces little waste.

Good for the Environment

Nuclear reactors do not emit significant carbon emissions into the atmosphere like other baseload power sources like natural gas or coal. In fact, during 2019, the U.S. alone avoided more than 476,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of nuclear energy. This reduction of CO2 equates to about 100,000,000 vehicles removed from the roads and is more than all other “green energy” sources combined for that year.

Small Physical Footprint

Nuclear reactors are generally about a square mile in total each. Thus, an equivalent amount of power from solar would require about 75 square miles to equal one nuclear power plant. Wind farms are even worse, needing about 360 square miles to equal one nuclear plant.

Minimal Unspent Fuel

Nuclear waste is unspent fuel. Since the dawn of atomic power for the U.S., all unspent fuel would fit in a football field less than 10 meters deep. New reactor designs promote the promise to completely burn up this unspent fuel to create even more clean energy.

Disrupted Supply Can Launch Your Uranium Equity Investments Even Higher

Opportunity from Supply Disruptions

Between 2020 and 2035, over 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion) pounds of uncovered demand for uranium exists from world nuclear consumers! Uncovered demand means those requirements are not assured via a contract between consumer and producer. This figure was calculated pre COVID 19. What does this mean? U3O8 prices must go higher, which drives massive profitability for uranium equities!

A large percentage of the contracts written during the last boom cycle are already expired or will be coming to an end during the next few short years. The previous significant contracting process occurred between 2005 and 2008. As a result, utilities have simply not been buying much fuel with long-term contracts. Instead, they have been burning off their on-site inventories or adding small amounts via short-term contracts in the spot market.

Nearly half of the top 10 uranium mines globally will run dry by 2030, leaving even fewer options available globally to secure their raw fuel source. Energy agencies note that nine will be depleted by 2030:

  • Cominak – CLOSED 03/31/2021
  • Ranger – CLOSED 01/7/2021
  • Rossing – planned closure 2025
  • South Moinkum
  • Zarechnoye
  • East Mynkuduk
  • Akdala
  • Cigar Lake

Nuclear Power Plants Need Fuel

Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Stacks

The global nuclear energy industry relies heavily on exploration for new ore deposits and the development of new uranium mining projects. Therefore, mineral exploration is needed to continue to operate at a sustainable level in the future.

When the contracting cycle starts, market experts state that there will be a massive scramble globally to secure ore from the few companies remaining in production. There are not enough mines online to fill the demand. The world needs new high-grade mines like NexGen Energy’s Arrow project.

The nuclear energy industry is in a massive state of flux. Producers are now spot-market buyers, significantly reducing excess mobile uranium inventory, creating a perfect storm for much higher prices.

The influx of new financial buyers has led to a drastic reduction in the inventory of uranium.

Experts are warning that even if all production comes back online, there will still be a massive supply deficit lasting many years.

How Can You Invest In Uranium Stocks?

Investing in Uranium Stocks is Easy

There are several ways that you can participate in the nuclear energy market – uranium equities, ETF’s, funds holding physical uranium, and futures.

  1. Buy stocks in companies doing business in the space – found on our website!
  2. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focusing on uranium – found on our website!
  3. Funds holding physical uranium – found on our website!
  4. Futures.

Don’t Miss Out

The excitement around uranium is palpable, and it would be a shame if you missed out on the potential opportunity. There are plenty of possibilities to capture these trends in nuclear energy and increase the value of your portfolio. But, of course, with the sector comes significant risk. Still, the possible range of rewards in a higher stock price for each company marches higher daily as the long-term future for nuclear energy becomes more accepted, and the uranium price per pound rises. So get started investing in uranium equities from around the world now!

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Trading Platforms You Can Use To Start Managing Your Investments

Many trading platforms are available to manage your portfolio

You’ve been reading a lot about how to grow your uranium stocks portfolio, and you’re finally ready to take the plunge. But first, you need to decide where it is that you are going to trade. There are plenty of trading platforms out there for every type of investor. Here are some popular platforms on which you can start and manage your portfolio.