The Best Uranium Stocks and Uranium ETFs – 2023

Are Uranium Stocks and Uranium ETFs A Good Investment?

Owning U3O8 stocks and ETFs could be an excellent opportunity for a uranium investor like you. Uranium stock prices have been rising again, and experts predict that higher uranium prices will continue over the next few years as uranium market demand accelerates to support the nuclear power industry.

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2021 Global Uranium Production Leaders

Why will demand accelerate, causing these uranium stocks and funds to explode?

The demand for uranium is coming from multiple directions:

1) Uranium fuels nuclear power consumers (nuclear utilities fulfill baseload electricity demand)

  • An existing fleet of 443 plants
  • New construction globally of 54 plants
  • Global proposed future construction of 321 plants
  • China – announcement to triple capacity by 2030s to 150 plants
  • Russia – is building 36 reactors across the globe
  • India – 21 new builds by 2031
  • Japan’s political support for restarting its nuclear fleet
  • Long-term contracts are expiring – the last utility contracting cycle ended in 2011. Unsecured supply is the highest in history.
  • Depleted inventories need restocking
  • Power plant life extensions

2) Financial investment firm interests (buying up all the yellow cake uranium)

3) Existing uranium companies and miners are buying uranium off the market

4) Multiple years of structural deficits (greater demand than supply)

5) Worldwide supply destruction for more than a decade due to unprofitable pricing

6) Uranium mining production curtailment awaiting higher pricing

7) Yellowcake Reserves

  • Country Reserve – America
  • Corporate Reserves – Kazatomprom, UEC, Lotus, Denison Mines, Uranium Royalty Corp
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) LEU Bank

8) Governments Political Support

9) Clean Energy Support

  • Paris Climate Agreement
  • Net-Zero

10) Existing mine depletions

  • Nearly half of the top 10 uranium mines will run dry by 2030

11) Global demand for electricity to grow by 49% to 2040

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You might find it challenging to determine which uranium stocks to buy because you have many unanswered questions.  

  • Do you know which equities are available from market participants? 
  • Do you know what their projects are?  
  • Do these companies have solid corporate financials? 
  • Are there newsworthy events that could influence your decision to buy uranium stocks? 
  • Where to invest in uranium stocks?
Not sure which direction to head?

Nuclear Stocks Provide Opportunity!

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Ok. I want to invest in uranium. How Many Stocks Are Available In This Community?

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The 10 Best Uranium Stocks Plus 105+ More To Choose From

Here are just a few of the individual uranium shares that could rise dramatically with rising uranium prices and provide opportunities for you as a uranium investor. While there aren’t any uranium mining mutual funds at this point, there are several ETF stocks available with focused yet diverse portfolios to choose from.

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The Best Uranium Stocks to Buy Now

Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR)

Lightbridge Corporation is a Massachusetts-based U.S. nuclear fuel technology development firm. The firm aims to reduce the environmental impact of nuclear technology on the environment.

Ur-Energy Inc. (NYSE: URG)

Ur-Energy is one of the lowest-cost producers aside from Kazatomprom. Ur-Energy has two fully permitted and licensed projects, including the Lost Creek ISR and Shirley Basin ISR operations.

Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU)

Energy Fuels Inc. recently announced that it’s expanding into rare earth metals. In addition, Energy Fuels also recently acquired UEX Corporation.

Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)

U.S. miner and exploration company Uranium Energy Corp. represents one of the largest catalogs of uranium exploration in the United States. Uranium Energy Executive Vice President, Scott Melbye, has been the President of Cameco Inc in recent years and currently serves as the CEO of the Uranium Royalty Corp. Check out our page dedicated to Uranium Energy to learn more.

What Are The Best Uranium Stocks To Buy?

Among the top uranium stocks are the three largest producing uranium miners globally as well as physical uranium holders:

Kazatomprom (Stock Symbol – LSE: KAP) is by far the largest of the uranium producers and is the market maker for the supply side, including both long-term contracting and the spot market. The uranium company is primarily owned by the government of Kazakstan, with a smaller percentage of stock available to investors to own. Kazatomprom production is expected to equal about 59 million pounds of uranium in 2022. In 2021 the company was responsible for the production of 25% of global uranium.

Cameco Corporation (Stock Symbols – NYSE: CCJ, TSX: CCO) is tied for the second-largest uranium miner globally in 2021 with 9% of all production. Cameco Corp is headquartered in Canada which is a mining-friendly jurisdiction, thereby reducing jurisdictional risks for this uranium company.

BHP Group (Stock Symbols – NYSE: BHP, ASX: BHP, LSE: BHP, JSE: BHP) is one of the largest mining firms globally. BHP owns the massive Olympic Dam mine and is responsible for 4% of U3O8 production globally in 2021. 

Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: U.U., OTC: SRUUF) is the world’s largest physical uranium fund run by experienced fund managers and technical advisors. Since its inception, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust has been a game-changer for the industry, creating a massive new demand for millions of pounds of uranium and cleaning up the uranium spot market. The Sprott Physical Uranium Trust is considered by many to be among the top uranium stocks to own.

There are many things to consider when making your investment decisions before investing in uranium stock.

ESG Investing and Nuclear Stocks
There are a Motley Fool number of things to consider when making your uranium stock investment decisions.

Should You Start Buying Uranium Stocks Now?

The most significant returns in share price come from investing before or at the beginning of a bull market. So the time to invest in the best uranium equities could be right now while uranium trends toward rising prices.

Massive Demand for Uranium From Nuclear Energy Creates Opportunity

Make Money from the Supply Imbalance

Current Nuclear Power Plant / Fleet Needs

Why does this matter? Uranium fuels nuclear power! There are currently 443 operating atomic power plants (reactors) burning approximately 151 million pounds of natural uranium ore annually to produce electricity for our power grids. In addition, countries are currently constructing another 57 reactors, all needing fuel for initial load and on-site inventory and then refueling regularly after that for their entire operating life.

A whopping 40 nuclear reactors are under construction and will be online before mid-decade.

In addition, there are 101 reactors in advanced planning and another 325 proposed for implementation.

Increasing Fuel Demand Is Coming

There are another 98 electricity-generating reactors planned for assembly and another 326 proposed. Globally, there are another 220 research reactors and 200 reactors powering marine propulsion.

The only fuel these reactors can use is enriched uranium and lots of it. There is no alternative. The fuel starts as uranium concentrates (U3O8), referred to as yellowcake. This product then undergoes additional processing as it progresses into usable fuel for powering nuclear reactors.

Current Market Impacts Cause Soaring Uranium Prices

The supply and demand imbalance among market participants is already unreasonable, with producing mines placed on care and maintenance. This action was necessary as U3O8 prices were way below the cost of production for this underlying commodity. As a result, uranium mining companies became buying customers of spot products. This in turn puts pressure on uranium futures in the form of long-term contracts

Nuclear Is Clean Energy / Renewable Energy

Clean Energy includes Nuclear Power

Nuclear is a popular choice for the electricity needs of consumers because it operates around the clock, even when winds are calm, at night, or on cloudy days. The Earth is estimated to have 40 trillion tons of uranium in its crust, providing an enormous renewable energy source.

Good for the Environment

Nuclear reactors do not emit significant carbon emissions like other baseload power sources like natural gas or coal (fossil fuels). In fact, during 2019, the U.S. alone avoided more than 476,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of nuclear. This reduction of CO2 equates to about 100,000,000 vehicles removed from the roads and is more than all other “green energy” sources combined for that year. If you are interested in saving the planet from pollution caused by fossil fuels, investing in the stocks mentioned on our site will help.

Nuclear power is clean energy

Small Physical Footprint

Atomic reactors are generally about a square mile in total each. Thus, an equivalent amount of power from solar would require about 75 square miles to equal one atomic power plant. Wind farms are even worse, needing about 360 square miles to equal one nuclear plant. Renewable energy includes atomic power. Renewable energy also includes solar projects, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydro. These natural sources of clean energy must all be used to contribute to electricity generation by utility companies.

Minimal Unspent Fuel

Nuclear waste is unspent uranium fuel. Since the dawn of atomic power for the U.S., all unspent fuel would fit in a football field less than 10 meters deep. Although this is a renewable energy source, there is no reason to not fully consume this energy-dense metal to meet global electricity generation demands.

Disrupted Nuclear Power Supply Can Launch Your Equity Investments Even Higher As Physical Uranium Prices Trend Higher

Opportunity from Supply Disruptions

Between 2020 and 2035, over 1.5 Billion pounds of uncovered requests for U3O8 remain from atomic power consumers! This figure was calculated before the outbreak of COVID-19. What does this mean? U3O8 prices must go higher to support nuclear energy, which drives massive profitability in the stock market for equities!  As the daily uranium spot price rises and investment generalists begin to ask the question “what’s the price of uranium today?” the excitement and investment inflows into this undercapitalized space should skyrocket.

Nearly half of the top 10 uranium mines will run dry by 2030:

  • Cominak – CLOSED 03/31/2021
  • Ranger – CLOSED 01/7/2021
  • Rossing – planned closure 2025
  • South Moinkum
  • Zarechnoye
  • East Mynkuduk
  • Akdala
  • Cigar Lake – is currently the world’s largest high-grade uranium mine. (Cameco owns 50%)

Uranium is a metal that forms many oxides used in nuclear energy, which you can do further research on should you choose.

Uranium oxides include:

  • Uranium dioxide – (UO2) – also known as “Uraninite” or “Pitchblende”
  • Uranium trioxide – (UO3)
  • Triuranium octoxide – (U3O8) – also known as “Yellowcake”
  • Uranyl peroxide – (UO2O2 or UO4)

Nuclear Power Plants Need Nuclear Fuel to Produce Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Stacks

The global atomic energy industry relies heavily on the search for new ore deposits and the development of new mining projects. Therefore, significant searches for mineral bodies are needed to continue to operate at a sustainable level in the future.

When the contracting cycle starts to further support atomic energy, market experts state that there will be a massive scramble globally to secure ore from the few companies remaining in production. There are not enough mines online to fill the demand. The world needs new large high-grade mines like NexGen Energy’s Arrow project.

The world nuclear energy industry is in a massive state of flux. The influx of new financial buyers has led to a drastic reduction in U3O8 inventory, leading to spectacular increases in U3O8 prices and equities.

Experts warn that even if all production comes back online, there will still be a massive uranium production deficit.

We Have Uranium News Covering Uranium Miners Stocks

Each of the individual stock pages as well as each of the discussion groups and forums has uranium news available for you. Uranium investing can be very exciting as uranium prices rise as a result of nuclear energy propagation across the world! Our community covers uranium mining and uranium ETF stocks (such as Global X Uranium ETF) as well as numerous other market participants from explorers to fuel-stage companies.

Our uranium stocks list has all uranium mining companies’ stock names and symbols, including where to buy uranium stocks by market exchange and each of the corresponding pages has the uranium stock prices updated throughout the trading day! Our pages automatically update with the latest uranium news for each company. We cover the best uranium penny stocks from around the world:

  • NYSE Uranium Stocks – including uranium companies in the USA
  • Kazakhstan Uranium Stocks
  • Chinese Uranium Stocks
  • Uranium Stocks Australia
  • Canadian Uranium Stocks
  • Uranium ETFs
  • Uranium Investment Funds

Unfortunately, we don’t list state-owned companies for example Russian Uranium Stocks, as investors cannot buy state-owned uranium stocks. I know some of you would like us to have a Uranium One stock quote, but it is in the same category – state-owned.

We do have the previous names for current companies on their pages – for example, Devex Resources was previously known as Uranium Equities Limited and before that was named Bullion Minerals Limited. Knowing this you can do further research on the performance of the company over time.

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